Have you witnessed an increase or decrease in the amount of your sleep? Do you get irritated or depressed or do you feel very happy for no reason? Have you been diagnosed with Manic-Depression or Bipolar Disorder? If your answer is “yes” to any of these and you are 60 years or more, you must seek advice from our experts.

Geriatric Physiotherapy or Geriatric rehabilitation is the branch of physiotherapy that deals with management of physical problems in older people. It mainly focuses on people in the process of ageing. Geriatric physiotherapy helps aged people or elderly improve physical balance and strength, build confidence and keep them active and strong for physical activities.

AcePhysio and Healthcare offers psychiatry services to elderly with Dementia, Depression and Other Mental Health Conditions which have come up for the first time or may be a continuation or a lifelong condition.

Importance of geriatric psysiotherapy:

As we age, our body undergoes multiple degenerative changes leading to loss of strength in muscle tone which restricts mobility and flexibility of the body. We experience changes in social and emotional functioning with an increase in age, affecting our quality of life and general well-being.

Geriatric care is important as it involves a sequence of preventive and intervening measures to provide the care and support essential to improve and manage functional independence and the quality of life.

Our Clinicians provide adults aged 60 Years and older with assessment and treatment for behavioral and mental disorders, including:

Our experts emphasize on care that is coordinated with speciality care medical providers along with families and available support services. It involves stabilization of acute illness with multidisciplinary evaluation and treatment for older adults.

Importance of geriatric psysiotherapy:

Geriatric Physiotherapy targets to help older people in maintaining the functional independence and the below mentioned situations:

  • Improving and managing the range of motion of various joints.
  • Maintaining the strength and endurance of muscles.
  • Performing their day to day activities without the need from a helping hand.
  • Building strength and stability required for independent living.

Our team in Ace Physio and Healthcare worked in a customised care plan, a friendly environment for the patients and complete care of the ailments.

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