We keep ourselves updated on all current research developments in sports sciences and assure you that your treatment is based on the most current techniques and exercise prescriptions. Our treatments are efficacious and are key to a speedy and complete recovery and at the same time reduce the risks of reinjury. Team at AcePhysio and  Healthcare is internationally trained in many modalities.

We have the means to mentor our patients through the most complicated and multifaceted, recovery processes.

There is no sport which can be said it doesn't have any chance of injury. Sports injuries are different from regular injuries and mainly affect an athlete.

We treat a variety of conditions:

Causes of Sports Injury:

Wrong Techniques:- this generally happens to the newcomers or to the ones who used to perform improper training. Wrong Techniques will make your injuries worse. To rectify your techniques you have to approach a professional coach having experience of the techniques.

Excessive Training:- The major reason behind muscle fatigue or muscle soreness is excessive training. Constant training results in muscle fatigue and hence reduces the potential to perform adequately.

Sudden impacts:- Injuries can be occured because of highly active sports such as hockey, football, rugby etc. In these sports players tackle each other’s might hit each other. This may results in serious injuries. To curb this proper equipments are required.

Techniques and Treatments for sports injuries:

Physical exercising method- In this process an expert physiotherapists is provided who provides you the information and techniques for the exercises which are responsible for reducing pain, improving movement of the injured part, and to increase the flexibility of the body.

Acupuncture:- It provides the most effective result in the treatment of sport injuries. Under this method of treatment small needles are used to pin into some certain sites to get relief from pain and boost the recovery time.

Aquatherapy:- As the name defines, this therapy will require water for the treatment of the sports injury. Performing various exercises under the surveillance of the aquatherapy expert may result in relief from pain and recover the patient.

How to prevent sports injury:-

Besides having the knowledge of physical therapy. The sports person should also have the informations about how to prevent the sports injuries. Few points have been mentioned:-

  • Wear proper sports gear and equipments.
  • Get training under the experienced trainer.
  • Learn to listen your body. Don’t perform excessive training.
  • Rest properly to heal your body.
  • Begin slowly to prevent muscle injury.