Patients that have mobility issues or face difficulty in performing daily tasks related to nervous system diseases or illness are provided neurological physical and occupational therapy services by AcePhysio and Healthcare. 

Advanced neurorehabilitation is a therapeutic program guided under a professional doctor to deal with diseases or injury related to the nervous system. After a traumatic brain injury or with a progressive neurological condition, Our therapists help brain cells (those not injured) to learn to control missing functionality for speedy recovery and improve long-term health. In consultation with the referring doctor, our therapy specialists help evaluate the patient and create an individualized care plan that will help improve mobility and functional skills of the patient.

This whole procedure of treatment will be provided by a team of Neurologist, Physiatrist, Rehabilitation Specialists, and Physical Therapist.

The Following Neuro illnesses are cured:

Our team of experienced therapists and other experts are on service to one-on-one patients to improve their daily activities.

Can physiotherapy help people with neuromuscular disorders?

Physiotherapy is a key part of the treatment plans for people living with neuromuscular disorders. The end goal of physiotherapy is to help you maintain functions for as long as possible.

Symptoms of neuromuscular disorders:-

Benefits of neuromuscular therapy:

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