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If you require flexible physiotherapy sessions that can be scheduled around your schedule, online physiotherapy is great. Acephysiocare has witnessed an increase in demand for online physiotherapy in recent months. Online physiotherapy is perfect for carefully managing your physical health during the Covid-19 lockdown, and it can also be quite useful if you require flexible physiotherapy sessions that can fit around your work/life schedule.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    We customize your consultation based on the equipment and bandwidth you have available. If there are any questions, we will work with you to fix them. You can successfully conduct an online consultation if you can view this page. Please communicate with us if you have any queries about this.

    Modern technology’s marvels bring up a whole new universe of possibilities. You are entitled to unlimited follow-up appointments as part of your consultation. You may upload a photo or video of yourself performing the exercise/s, or even arrange for us to examine them in real-time via your camera!

    All of the exercise descriptions are very clear and supported by photos or video, which often clarifies problems.

    All Physiotherapy sessions begin with a subjective assessment,’ in which the Physiotherapist will ask you a series of well-structured questions meant to learn everything they need to know about your ailment (without touching you). By the end of the subjective assessment, the Physio should have a good notion of your likely diagnosis. The Physiotherapist may then do certain tests to confirm the diagnosis.

    After reviewing your original evaluation, your Online Acephysiocare Physiotherapist will contact you with any additional questions about your injury. They may ask you to answer additional questions or do specific exercises, and they will then evaluate your responses. This procedure should help to clarify the diagnosis. If we are doubtful about your diagnosis, we will send you to an on-site Physio.